A new view on art 

The C'artboard gives both eyes the same viewpoint, annulling 3D stereo vision. This makes the world around you appear ’flat’ but, counterintuitively, increases perceived depth in paintings. By removing stereo vision, your brain does not detect that the painting is physically flat. This allows you to enjoy the pictorial space that the artist created intensely.

The C'artboard

In the scientific literature this device is know as the ‘synopter’, but we renamed it to C’artboard. Indeed, an intended association with Googles’ Cardboard because we see it as an analogue version of VR. 


More than a century ago, an employee of Zeiss filed a patent describing this simple but marvellous invention. Nevertheless, it was never taken into production and the patent became forgotten. During our research in depth perception, we stumbled upon an unexpected side effect of this synopter: it turned out an incredibly interesting way of viewing at art. This is why we, 109 years after the patent filing, finally decided to turn it into production. 


The first prototypes have been received positively. On Dutch Radio 1 we had an interesting interview that highlights many spontaneous reactions in the museum. A Dutch newspaper featured a cool spread and we also had a lot of fun at Lowlands last year. We are currently finetuning a design, and sometimes selling early prototypes support the development. If you are very eager, feel free to email us. Otherwise have a little patience of the final release.